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The Scottie 9 Career Readiness Competencies

就业中心的工作人员和项目的重点是为所有韦德国际1946的毕业生提供全面的职业准备. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 有八种职业准备能力可以帮助学生在工作场所和终身职业管理中取得成功. 职业准备是展示必要的核心能力的基础,为受过大学教育的人在工作场所和终身职业管理中取得成功做好了广泛的准备. For new college graduates, 职业准备是确保成功进入职场的关键. 职业准备是成功职业生涯开始的基础.

韦德国际1946,我们支持学生发展斯科特职业能力. The Scottie 9 Career Competencies include: the NACE Career Readiness Competencies, with the addition of Global Competence. Scottie 9的发展是我们为学生的成功生活做准备的一部分. 下面包含了这些技能领域的定义和每个技能领域的示例行为.

Career & Self Development通过持续的个人和专业学习,积极地发展自己和自己的事业, awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses, navigation of career opportunities, 以及在组织内外建立关系的网络.

Sample Behaviors:

  • Show an awareness of your own strengths and areas for development.
  • 在追求和应用反馈的同时,确定持续增长的领域.
  • Develop plans and goals for one’s future career.
  • Professionally advocate for oneself and others.
  • Display curiosity; seek out opportunities to learn.
  • 承担有助于自己专业进步的职责或职位.
  • 与那些能在专业上帮助你的人建立、维持和/或利用关系.
  • Seek and embrace development opportunities.
  • 自愿参加进一步的教育、培训或其他活动来支持自己的事业.

CommunicationClearly and effectively exchange information, ideas, facts, and perspectives with persons inside and outside of an organization.

Sample Behaviors:

  • Understand the importance of and demonstrate verbal, written, and non-verbal/body language, abilities.
  • Employ active listening, persuasion, and influencing skills.
  • 以清晰和有组织的方式进行沟通,以便他人能够有效地理解.
  • 根据学习方式的多样性来构建沟通, varied individual communication abilities, and cultural differences.
  • 向主管、专家和其他人询问适当的问题以获取具体信息.
  • 在需要指导时及时通知相关人员.

Critical Thinking基于对情景背景的理解和对相关信息的逻辑分析,识别和响应需求.

Sample Behaviors:

  • 用合理的、包容的推理和判断来做决定和解决问题.
  • 收集和分析来自不同来源和个人的信息,以充分理解问题.
  • Proactively anticipate needs and prioritize action steps.
  • 准确地总结和解释数据,并意识到可能影响结果的个人偏见.
  • Effectively communicate actions and rationale, 认识到利益相关者的不同观点和生活经验.
  • Multi-task well in a fast-paced environment.

Equity & InclusionDemonstrate the awareness, attitude, knowledge, 以及公平参与和包容来自不同地方和全球文化的人所需的技能. Engage in anti-racist practices that actively challenge the systems, structures, and policies of racism.

Sample Behaviors:

  • 征求和使用来自不同文化视角的反馈,以做出包容和公平的决策.
  • 积极促进包容和公平的做法,影响个人和系统的变化.
  • Advocate for inclusion, equitable practices, justice, and empowerment for historically marginalized communities.
  • 寻求全球跨文化互动和经验,以增强对来自不同人口群体的人的理解,并导致个人成长.
  • Keep an open mind to diverse ideas and new ways of thinking.
  • 确定资源并消除个人和系统种族主义造成的障碍, inequities, and biases.
  • Demonstrate flexibility by adapting to diverse environments.
  • 解决限制历史上被边缘化群体成员机会的特权制度.


Sample Behaviors:

  • 在共同的愿景下激励、说服和激励自己和他人.
  • 寻找并利用各种资源和他人的反馈来指导方向.
  • Use innovative thinking to go beyond traditional methods.
  • 以自信和积极的态度完成任务,为他人树立榜样.
  • 通过鼓励和建立相互信任来激励和激励他人.
  • Plan, initiate, manage, complete, and evaluate projects.

ProfessionalismKnowing work environments differ greatly, understand and demonstrate effective work habits, and act in the interest of the larger community and workplace.

Sample Behaviors:

  • 公正行事,对自己、他人和组织负责.
  • 保持与组织和个人职业价值观相一致的积极的个人品牌.
  • Be present and prepared.
  • Demonstrate dependability (e.g., report consistently for work or meetings).
  • Prioritize and complete tasks to accomplish organizational goals.
  • Consistently meet or exceed goals and expectations.
  • 是否注重细节,使他们的工作很少出错.
  • Show a high level of dedication toward doing a good job.


Sample Behaviors:

  • Listen carefully to others, 花点时间去理解对方,并在不打断对方的情况下提出适当的问题.
  • Effectively manage conflict, interact with and respect diverse personalities, and meet ambiguity with resilience.
  • 对个人和团队的责任和可交付成果负责.
  • 运用个人的长处、知识和才能来补充他人的长处.
  • Exercise the ability to compromise and be agile.
  • Collaborate with others to achieve common goals.
  • 与主管和团队成员/同事建立牢固、积极的工作关系.

Technology以道德的方式理解和利用技术以提高效率, complete tasks, and accomplish goals.

Sample Behaviors:

  • Navigate change and be open to learning new technologies.
  • Use technology to improve efficiency and productivity of their work.
  • Identify appropriate technology for completing specific tasks.
  • Manage technology to integrate information to support relevant, effective, and timely decision-making.
  • Quickly adapt to new or unfamiliar technologies.
  • 操纵信息,构建思想,利用技术来实现战略目标.

Global competence icon全球竞争力是理解和欣赏本地和全球问题的能力, 不同的观点和世界观,并与来自不同文化和身份的人进行适当和有效的互动.

Sample Behaviors:

  • Examine local, global and intercultural issues*
  • 理解和欣赏他人的观点和世界观
  • Engage in open, appropriate and effective interactions*
  • Take action for collective well-being and sustainable development*

*These sample behaviors are adapted from resources from OECD-PISA & ACTFL.

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