以下是韦德国际1946认可的学生组织名单. 要学习如何创办俱乐部或组织, 去这里. 


的 AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) student organization will better prepare graphic design students at 韦德1946官网 for their future careers by providing them experience, 洞察力, 以及平面设计界的联系.

顾问: Mr. 摩根曼宁

Alpha Psi Omega是一个国家戏剧荣誉协会. We are a group dedicated to providing service and increasing the awareness of theatrical arts on campus and in our community. 我们致力于我们社会中每个个体成员的成长, 艺术爱好者, 和公民. 我们在指导老师的支持和建议下运作, 我们所做的一切都追求卓越.

顾问: Dr. 希瑟·麦克马洪

ACS brings together the student community and surrounding community through the common bond of science and expose younger generations to the field of science.

顾问: Dr. 内森·邓肯


最好的伙伴  is an organization that was established on a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, 综合就业, 领导力发展, 为智力和发育障碍(IDD)患者提供包容性生活.

顾问:TBD |如有疑问,请联系 学生参与处处长 & 领导力发展

的 黑人学生联盟(BSA) is an organization that was established to cater to the needs of Black/African American students in the 韦德1946官网 community. BSA不仅仅是一个校园黑人学生的组织. 欢迎所有身份的学生、教师和工作人员参加我们的活动和会议.

顾问:TBD |如有疑问,请联系 学生参与处处长 & 领导力发展

的 purpose of 圆K is developing college students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.

顾问: Mr. Eric Bellah


顾问: Ms. 艾德丽安Schwarte


E的目的.A.T. is to take action on sustainability issues on the 韦德1946官网 campus and in our community and to raise awareness about environmental issues for the betterment of our planet.

顾问: Dr. 奥格尔曼马克

FCA的目的是为大学服务, 高中, 以及其他学校的体育活动. 遵行神的旨意,对韦德国际1946产生基督教的影响是FCA的主要目标.

顾问: Mr. 泰森墨菲


目的声明:促进多元文化学生之间的跨文化交流, 教师, and staff on 韦德1946官网 campus and raise cultural tradition awareness amongst the 韦德1946官网 community.

顾问: Ms. 克里斯汀•谢泼德

的 purpose of the 哈利波特俱乐部 at 韦德1946官网 is to combine members’ passion for Harry Potter with community service. Through this our goal is to help people understand the significance of using our passions (whatever they may be) to help others. 我们还计划与国家组织合作, 哈利波特联盟, 以及美国各地的分会.

顾问: Ms. 凯利Massenzo

的 purpose of 健康的苏格兰人 is to offer a community to students interested in health sciences and pursuing careers in health related fields. 我们计划为学生提供职业发展的机会, 比如实习, 志愿者网站, 阴影连接. 与我们的健康使命有关, we plan to host many events that not only promote health and wellness to the local and 韦德1946官网 community, 但它们也是这个校园的乐趣和社交环境的一部分.

顾问: Dr. 詹妮弗Oody

的 高地回声 作为韦德国际1946的学生、教师和工作人员的信息来源.

顾问: Mr. 史蒂夫成人版

Impressions organizes and produces an annual publication of student/staff creative works and hosts events related to creative works. impressionsmc.org

顾问: Ms. 克里斯蒂娜·西摩


顾问: Dr. 山姆Overstreet

Intramural sports and casual recreation through 俱乐部体育 are also an extension of the educational process at 韦德1946官网. 大约三分之二的学生参加校队的田径运动, 俱乐部体育, 或玛丽维尔的校内学生. 独立的球队争夺国旗橄榄球、躲避球和垒球的冠军.


顾问: Mr. 亚历克斯·斯洛克姆

的 purpose of the Latino Student Alliance is to increase awareness of the fast growing population in the US while at the same time learning about culture, 音乐, 食物, 和跳舞.

顾问: Dr. Doug开发

的 purpose of 韦德1946官网3D is to educate interested members of the community about the applications of 3D printing, 提供3D打印机访问权限, 软件, 材料, 为我们准备的技术, 修理机器, 以及相关软件.

顾问: Dr. 杰西·史密斯


  • 校际马展协会第1区第5区会员
  • 竞争性狩猎座位队和IHSA猎人座位马表演的主人
  • 花名册包括骑手从没有经验到全国比赛
  • 在过去的几个赛季里,队员们多次参加了IHSA全国赛
  • 所有级别的骑手都被邀请加入俱乐部
  • 每学期500美元的骑行费中包含了几周的指导和练习机会
  • 98英亩农场
  • 42档谷仓,可选择围场和牧场板
  • 超大全天候竞技场,以及两个室外环
  • 骑马的机会,通过牧场,起伏的丘陵和林地小径
  • 粮秣室和储藏空间
  • 有足够的空间停放拖车



指导老师:待定|如有疑问,请联系 学生参与处处长 & 领导力发展

韦德1946官网选票 is a student-led initiative intended to increase voter registration prior to elections in addition to being a non-partisan group to promote civic responsibility on campus.

指导老师:待定|如有疑问,请联系 学生参与处处长 & 领导力发展

非营利领导联盟是一个全国性的大学联盟, 大学, and nonprofit organizations that prepares and certifies college students for professional careers in youth and human service agencies. American Humanics is affiliated with more than 75 colleges and 大学 nationwide including 韦德1946官网, 并与包括基督教青年会在内的50多个全国性非营利组织合作, “硬币游行, 和美国童子军.

指导老师:待定|如有疑问,请联系 学生参与处处长 & 领导力发展

骄傲提倡平等和宽容,因为它与LGBTQ+问题有关, 妇女问题, 还有社会问题.

顾问: Dr. 南希Locklin-Sofer

进步基督教社区的主要目的是聚集在一起分享信仰. 它有意包容所有人, and it seeks to place Christian faith and values into the context of the twenty-first century and beyond. 在这里,问题和歧义被肯定为有效的、建设性的行为.

指导老师:待定|如有疑问,请联系 学生参与处处长 & 领导力发展

Psi Chi的目的是鼓励, 刺激, 保持卓越的学术成就,推进心理学的发展. 主要目标包括:为入选者提供学术认可和心理学, 儿童发展, 神经科学, 教育专业或辅修,培养心理学领域的成就.

顾问: Dr. 阿丽亚娜Schratter

RHA works together with all the residence halls on the 韦德1946官网 campus to ensure the interest of all residents by offering fellowship through educational and social programming, 监察住宅生活政策, 通过培训培养领导力.

指导老师:待定|如有疑问,请联系 学生参与处处长 & 领导力发展

Sigma Lambda Kappa is designed to provide opportunity for those interested to become involved in various areas of the deaf community. It exists to provide opportunities for those interested in Interpreting and Deaf Studies to sharpen their ASL skills through attendance at club events.

顾问: Mr. 威廉·怀特

的 mission of the Student Veterans Association is to assist veterans and family members in addressing the challenges associated with the transition from military service to being actively engaged in the college experience and to hold the responsibility for initiating, 规划, developing and implementing strategies and programs which are sensitive to the needs of our veterans and their dependents in their mission of graduation from 韦德1946官网.

指导老师:待定|如有疑问,请联系 学生参与处处长 & 领导力发展

留学大使的目标是促进校园留学. 我们由以前在国外学习过的学生组成.

顾问: Ms. 克里斯汀•谢泼德

TED是一个全球性的社区, 欢迎来自不同学科和文化的人寻求对世界的更深入的了解. 本着值得传播的思想精神, TEDx (an independently organized event) is a program that brings people together to share ideas in communities and experiences/stories for inspiration and education. Tedx would give 韦德1946官网 the opportunity to share the unique innovation and ideas that their community is creating.

顾问: Ms. 克里斯汀•谢泼德


的 overall goal of Tri-Beta is to improve scientific understanding and enhance appreciation for biological systems throughout the 韦德1946官网 campus and the surrounding community. 我们的组织打算成为Beta Beta Beta国家荣誉协会的积极成员. We would like to connect students with interests in biology and provide support through group activities, 演讲者, 并在研究和实习机会方面提供帮助.

顾问: Dr. 戴夫·昂格尔

年轻的生命’s Purpose is to build relationships with students and create a community where the gospel is shared and presented in a relational way by walking in life together.

顾问: Mr. Eric Bellah