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Corporate Sales & Events is the event sales and services department for Maryville College and the Clayton Center for the Arts.  When you trust your event to our care, we work hard to turn it from an ordinary gathering to a memorable event. We offer quality services that meet every need, style and budget. Whether you’re planning a non-profit fundraiser, a family reunion, a summer camp or a corporate business meeting, we’ve got a venue that will meet your need.  Call now to start planning your event today!

Although things will not completely be back to pre-COVID normal, we are confident we can provide a wonderful experience for our guests. Following current CDC guidance, vaccinated guests may attend events unmasked or masked, depending upon your comfort level.  Proof of vaccination is not required, as we are confident all  guests will assist us by following the best guidance for their individual situation. We welcome you back  to campus for events if you are unvaccinated, but we ask that you continue to wear a mask while attending events for your safety as well as those around you. However, we reserve the right to re-instate the pandemic safety measure as well as requiring masks for all guests, if required by government mandate or if deemed necessary due to a spike in cases or a change in Maryville College COVID policies. Whether or not you are — or are not — vaccinated and you choose to attend events on campus, with or without wearing a mask, your presence acknowledges that you accept sole responsibility for health risks that may be inherent with attending events indoors or outdoors.

Don’t have time to visit?  Click below to take a virtual tour or view 360 images by location on our campus map.  It’s the next best thing to being here!